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Monitoring your Alarm Systems

alarm monitoringLet MAGEN Monitor your alarm systems and alert you in real time to any threat, danger, hazard or problem that may arise in your business or home. Magen can provide uninterrupted monitoring 24/7 at no extra cost!.


Let MAGEN monitor your systems, alert you and dispatch police, fire or any other authority or person that you direct us to.

We Monitor For

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Attempted entries by window and door
  • Unauthorized movement on your premises or on your property
  • Panic and calls for help
  • Glass breakage
  • Gas and natural gas leaks
  • Carbon monoxide level in the air
  • Low or high temperature deviations
  • Deep freeze temperature deviations
  • High water level
  • Sprinkler system operation
  • And whatever else worries you

Let MAGEN monitor your fire, smoke, burglar alarms and your smoke detectorsprinkler systems too. An alarm that sounds, effective only if someone is there to here it. When your house or business are uninhabited, no one will call the police or fire service for you. You need uninterrupted monitoring to protect your property. At MAGEN, we analyzed the data that reaches our Monitoring Service in real time and identify the probability of a true emergency. If the alarm appears to be true, we notify the fire or police department to dispatch forces to your premises and simultaneously contect you. If the probability of a true emergency is low, we inform you of the alarm and save you the cost and the penalty.

When a burglar breaks in or a fire breaks our, you want a rapid responce from the police or fire department. But if it's a flase alarm, you want to avoid an unnecessary visit, because it can cost you big. And if your sprinkler system overreacts and damages your merchandise, you want to stop it fast. For a false alarm you may have to pay a fine and you may even be penalized if the authorities decide to withhold their services in the future. bulglar alarms

The police authorities are getting tough on business. They claim that they get too many false alarms, so they penalize you if they come around and find no just cause. The fire department isn't doing that yet, but it can't be far behind. There are claims that about 20% of their dispatches are to false alarms and each of these cost them about $500. And since it's natural to ignore calls if too many nuisance calls come in, you may suffer even if you aren't fined.

Security systems installed by MAGEN can be equipped with devices to detect any attempts to cut your phone line. If you are equipped with a MAGEN Security Systems. MAGEN's Monitoring Service can identify a cut in yourline. whether accidential or deliberate, and alert you to the danger before any break-in attempt is made.

If the water pressure inside your sprinkler system drops, this indicates that there is insufficient water to put out a fire. We can notify you of this condition so you can take the necessary precautions until water pressure rises.

The low cost of Magen's Monitoring Service is easily covered by the reduction of losses thanks to rapid dispatch by MAGEN's Monitoring Service and the minimization of damage resulting from faulty sprinklers, by the drop in false alarm fines, and by the uninterrupted police and fire protection provided by avoiding false alarms.

MAGEN would like to remind you of the need to carry our periodic testing of your sprinkler and alarm systems, as required by fire authorities. This is not only a legal requirement but is for your own safety and for that of your employees and customers. It also protects your merchandise and your property. The sprinkler system helps contain the fire and prevents catastrophic damage to property. You invested a lot in your sprinkler system, be sure that it works when you need it! And remember to rest your emergency lighting at the same time, staff and customers may become disoriented during a fire and emergency lighting can help them find their way out.

Contact Magen today for better protection.


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