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What is a Home Network?

The most common use of Home Networking is the linking of two or more computers and their peripherals in your home or office. network routersA network permits you to share a single printer or scanner between PCs, access the same files from different PCs and backup all computers with ease. With networking, all your PCs can share a single High Speed Internet connection. Any number of people in the house can be online with no interference between them. Or multi-player games can be played from different rooms and the players can even speak to each other. Without home networking, each computer must be equipped with its own modem, printer, scanner, internet account, telephone line and so on. Home network offers not only convenience, but saves the cost of hardware and software and reduces the number of costly phone lines and connections to internet providers. The value of these savings alone may cover the network installation costs or even exceed them.

wifi networksOther home network uses are reaching the market daily. Video and voice transmission over home networks are becoming common. It is now possible to listen to MP3 audio files on a stereo rather than on the PC speakers and to view videos throughout the house, and not only on the TV wired to the DVR. Once you install a home network, you can add new resources as they become available.

Contact Magen today for more information. Greater Toronto and Oakville area specialists in electronic systems! If you are planning to build a new house or renovate, call today! This technology will give you real value today and increase your home's resale value in the future!

What Parts Of The House Do You Want To Network?

home networkThe whole house may be networked, part of the house or even a single room. A single room network connects those devices that are physically located in the room. Multiple rooms can be networked to connect devices located in different rooms. Obviously, the greater the range, the more useful and the more flexible the network. In planning your network, you have to think about future possibilities. You may not see any immediate justification for wiring the kitchen, bathroom or garage but developments in the near future might justify these locations as well. Kitchen appliances are increasingly being designed for transmission and receiving of data. In the future you may want to diagnose engine car problems from your garage by sending data to a diagnostic centre. Health monitoring devices are becoming more common and if there is a senior in your home, a home network may be a life saver. The possibilities are unlimited.

How Much Technical Knowledge Is Needed To Run A Home Network?

Home networking is much easier and simpler to operate than business networking. Once Magen Home Automation installs and sets up your home network, you don't have anything to do with wires or wireless devices. With security measures less demanding than in most businesses today, software based home network operation is very simple and straight-forward. You don't have to be a computer geek to manage your home network.

Home Network Requirements

A sample networking rack for multiple units used in larger business environments. Magen can handle any job, from connecting two computers in a house to connecting hundreds in a large building.What do you expect from your Home Network? The speed of data transfer (Data rates ) has to be high enough for your needs. You need dependability: you don't want it to shut down on you once you've become dependent on it. It has to work at all times. You need protection from interferences such as microwave ovens and cordless phones and from electric lines. You need privacy and security. You need ease of use. You need to be able to install new devices and appliances as they become available. Your Home Network should be compatible with existing technologies so that you can buy a new product with confidence that it will operate in your home.

You also want the installation to be aesthetic and not to interfere with your home decorations. That's one of the reasons you are installing a network: you don't want ugly wires all over the place. We work closely with your home decorator to keep things out of site and to locate jacks where they will be hidden from view as much as possible.

There are several options available for wiring home networks. The main solutions on the market today are:

  • Hard wire (Ethernet, UTP, Coaxial cable, fiber, etc.)
  • Existing wiring (phone or power lines)
  • Wireless (radio frequency)
  • Combination (e.g. Ethernet and wireless, etc.)

Any of the above options may meet your needs and satisfy the above requirements to varying degrees. Magen designers will help you choose what is right for your home and budget.

When To Install Home Network

The best time to install home networking is when you are building or remodelling your home. During construction, it is easier and much cheaper to install a network. It is also possible to retrofit (after-installations) a network in an existing home. While hardwiring is the best networking method, one of the other alternatives mentioned above may be right for you. Magen is very experienced in all the networking solutions and in retrofitting of wiring. If you are remodelling or planning a new home, contact us as early as possible. Let Magen review your plans and help develop your ideas. Getting us involved early can save you money and prevent planning mistakes.

Home Network Installation

Network installation is different from electric wiring and you need a specialist to do it. The network cables must be set at a distance from certain electric fixtures to keep interference to a minimum. The way wires are installed is different; incorrect pulling and improper termination may result in damage to the cables. Your electrical contractor might not be aware of these requirements and may not have the necessary experience. To avoid spending good money and getting an inferior network, be sure to use a firm with knowledge and experience in networking.

Magen Home Automation professionals will install a network in your home for a very affordable price.


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